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Mutlilingual Semantics

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This project is funded by the French Ministry of Education, Research and Technology. It aims at matching the semantic representation used by Intuition (an indexation and retrieval tool developed by Sinequa) with the one used by Systran (a machine translation system).

Research in the framework of this project focuses on the terminology of a specialised domain, such as aeronautics or train transport, and allows, first, to determine how to improve the translations provided by Systran using the semantic analysis of Intuition and, then, to find how Intuition could benefit from Systran semantic representations, for some languages it does not process.

A new Intuition system will be implemented, and will integrate a translation module, provided by Systran: the user will thus be able to launch a query in multilingual documentation databases in French or English as source language, and to choose another language to get the results of his query translated in this language, thanks to the combination of Intuition semantic capacity with Systran multilingual expertise.

This project is of much interest for both Systran and Intuition : on the one hand, the quality of the translations is improved and, on the other hand, the semantic indexation on other languages than French and English can be processed.

From September 2000 to June 2001

Contact ELDA: Khalid Choukri, ELDA managing director,  [javascript protected email address]


  • Sinequa
  • ELDA
  • Laboratoire de Linguistique Informatique (LLI)
  • Systran