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AVISE is a project funded by the French Ministry of Education, Research and Technology.

It aimed at implementing a service offering an access to the AFP (French Press Agency) press releases through the telephone which are currently available on the Internet and originally intended for managers.

When dialling the phone number, the user should reach a vocal service allowing him to navigate through a package of French and international AFP professional services.

The main innovation in the framework of the project lies in the adaptation of speech synthesis technologies to the typical AFP release criteria, namely to its structure, its presentation, its vocabulary, and the used abbreviated terms. Another point is the creation on the Web of the AFP JVS, strategy watch journal of the AFP which will gather the key points.

At last, as a new service, AVISE was expected to bring together two new technologies : the filtering agent technology, and the speech synthesis technology for diffusion.

Start date : February 2000
Duration : 12 months

Contact ELDA

Khalid Choukri, ELDA managing director
E-mail : [javascript protected email address]

Emilie Marquois, project manager


-  Principal Contractor : Elan Informatique.
-  Partner : Agence France Presse (AFP), out of the project
-  Sub-contractor : ELDA