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ELRA sponsors TALN 2021
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June 30, 2021, 10:15 a.m.

ELRA is the proud sponsor of TALN2021 and will be present at the conference by:

1. taking part in a panel on Licences on Friday, July 2nd

2. taking part in the exhibition on Wednesday, June 30th, Thursday, July 1st and Friday, July 2nd.

TALN2021 participants can visit the exhibit booth anytime. ELRA will be present on the booth on the specific slots below:

Wednesday, June 30th
- 10-12h: CHAT
- 15-16h: VISIO
- 16-17: CHAT

Thursday, July 1st
- 10-12h: CHAT
- 15-16h: VISIO
- 16-17: CHAT

Friday, July 2nd
- 10-11h: CHAT
- 11-12h: VISIO

The conference is taking place online.

All details can be found @